Our Uplighting Experience Package:

Acme DJs of Virginia has another way of entertaining you and your guests on your wedding day. We would like to introduce to you Uplighting. This is an exciting way to really personalize your wedding day. If you are looking for a way to fine tune your wedding reception by introducing your bridal party colors, creating a star light atmosphere and create a personal touch by projecting your initials onto the dance floor or on a wall, then this lighting package is for you.  Like our various DJ packages that we offer, we will sit down with you and help coordinate and find that personal touch that you are looking for to make your wedding day a day to remember. Our Uplighting package includes the following:

  •          Light up to 16 spots around your reception room to the color of your choosing
  •         Create a star light atmosphere so you feel like you are dancing under the stars
  •         Personalize your Wedding Day by projecting your initials or image onto the dance floor or wall
  •         Plus other light setups if your space warrants it

We have one of the best Uplighting packages to offer in the Hampton Roads and Tidewater Area. You will be impress with what we have to offer. Uplighting is a new and exciting way to put the finishing touches on your Wedding Day.  Not only will our DJ services impress you, our Uplighting package is sure to please. Feel free to contact us for more information and pricing on our DJ and Uplighting package. 

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