Meet Your DJ



This is a great time to introduce myself. My name is Matthew Izzo, Founder of Acme DJs of Virginia. I have been DJing and Performing since 1990 back in my high school days and this is also when I fell in love doing what I do now. That is to entertain.  

I am a person who takes great pride in being a DJ Entertainer. I set my expectations at a very high standard. That’s why it is important to me that no matter what type of function I’m DJing at, I will always give it my best. I have a great deal of passion for putting together a great performance for my clients. It is also important for me to create a strong bond and build a trust factor with my clients. 

Even though I think of myself as a detail/oriented person, I love to have fun while I am DJing. Some DJ’s will stand behind their both all night and play music. Not me. I like to be out among your guests greeting & socializing with them, and I am out there to be interactive with the crowd in various ways that would be appropriate for your event. Sometimes I will be on the dance floor with your guests ready to have a great time with them.

With my outgoing personality and attention to detail, I will have your crowd soaring to new heights. Being a DJ not only allows me to play music and have a great time but it really gives me the greatest opportunity to share in the memories that last a life time.